Boiler Maintenance and Service

Rapid response and reliable service for your boiler maintenance

Johnson Paterson‘s factory-trained and expertly skilled team offers our clients and customers a variety of maintenance and support services to ensure peak performance of our boilers and related equipment long after the installation. Throughout the life span of your boiler equipment, we will be there to provide timely responses and effective solutions.

Our maintenance plans cover all aspects of a boiler room project, including:

  • Controls
  • Conversions
  • Refractory
  • Certified Pressure Vessel Needs Including Boilers, Tanks & Piping
  • Boiler Repairs and Maintenance
  • Boiler Tubing
  • All Boiler Piping Needs
  • Valves / Flanges
  • Headers / Manifolds
  • Hand holes / Man holes
  • Breechings / Smoke Stacks
  • Fire Chambers / Insulation
  • Tank & Vessel Repair and Maintenance
  • Remove Old Equipment / Install New Equipment
  • Fabricate New Headers and Piping In Place

Our Service Department manages workflow effectively so that our clients can count on a fast and reliable response. Contact our Service Department at (905) 898-6978 and book a service or maintenance visit with one of our knowledgeable expert technicians.


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