Commercial & Industrial Chimney Inspections

A preventative maintenance must-have

Johnson Paterson offers commercial and industrial chimney inspection services using our experienced in-house personal. We offer structural and chemical analysis, video, photography and ultrasonic thickness measurement inspections. Our trained technicians thoroughly examine the full height of the interior and exterior of the chimney using specialized equipment focusing on any potential problems. At completion of every inspection, a detailed comprehensive report will be provided complete with photographs, electronic video of interior of chimney with findings and recommendations. Each report will be reviewed by one of our TSSA certified Gas Fitter 1 technicians. 

The purpose of performing a chimney inspection is to identify and document existing conditions of the chimney as well as the entire exhaust system including the breeching. Factors such as wind loading, freeze & thaw cycles, lightning strikes, and constant contact with chemicals & smoke can damage the masonry materials, steel liners and breechings of commercial and industrial exhaust systems. Including regular inspections by qualified chimney professionals in your annual maintenance programs will help identify signs of trouble early, allowing problems to be corrected before they become a costly or dangerous issue. Our comprehensive inspections typically include the following items:

  1. A non-destructive visual inspection of the breeching and chimney. During this inspection we use hand tools to tap or pick at the concrete or steel in order to determine concrete spalling or separation and deterioration.
  2. Photographic documentation where there has been notable changes or cracks in the structure or every few feet.
  3. Concrete / steel thickness and density. This part of our inspections can include the taking of core samples or ultrasonic thickness measurements to determine concrete or steel density or thickness.
  4. Video inspection of entire chimney from top to bottom. Video recording provided at completion.
  5. Recommended repairs or suggested maintenance based on our visual inspection.

Chimney inspections should be a routine practice performed annually to prolong the life of their chimneys and to avoid an unsafe operating condition.

Johnson Paterson specializes in industrial and commercial chimney inspections as well as replacement. We offer turnkey projects for ULc factory approved breechings and freestanding chimneys for boilers and generators. Contact us at 1-800-387-9629 to book your next chimney inspection.

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